Browse through our online photo album highlighting interior design scenarios. Granite is an amazingly durable stone that is extremely resistant to abrasion, etching, and staining. With today’s hectic households, isn’t it a relief to know it requires so little maintenance? And, with the hundreds of varieties of granite and marble we import from all over the world, the array of colors is endless. Elite can help you enjoy the warmth of Tuscany, Brazil and Spain without ever leaving home. The days of the cold commercial look of granite are long over. Now you can choose from rich blues, pearly iridescents, multicolor swirls, purest whites, and warm earth tones that are so popular. If you are in the mood for a Mediterranean makeover, Sapphire blue granite can be the springboard for your French farmhouse kitchen. A Black Galaxy bar counter can jettison your home theater to the epitome of luxury.

Examples of Our Work

Attention to specific details is important when designing your bathroom. Marble, granite and quartz are hot materials used in the bath. These mid to upscale stones can help turn your daily shower into a destination spa retreat. Nothing can duplicate the captivating beauty that can only be crafted by nature’s hand. So whether it’s the undulating waves of Paradisio Granite or the classic elegance of Carrara marble from Italy, nature’s signature is at home in any décor. This year, invite the outdoors in!